Release Notes/Errata by Version

Release NOTES:  this section describes what we fixed or adjusted and new features we added in each update.

Errata:  as we were testing each update, preparing it for release, we discovered behaviors that we chose not to fix as they are not serious enough that we should delay the update to get them fixed.  We describe these here so that you know what we’ve found and are working to fix in an upcoming update.

v2.4 Release NOTEs

  • Improves support for latest iPhone screen sizes (iPhone Mini, etc.)
  • Crashes in card animations arrived with iOS 15, this fixes them.

v2.4 Errata

We don't as of yet have any reports. As soon as we do, we will post the issues and workaround if any here.

v2.3 Release NOTEs

• Improved computer players
  • They've been learning new techniques for ending hands and games
  • They've been learning how to make better plays when playing with some of our more advanced mixes of rules (e.g., when match3 and match2x2 are both enabled.)
• Improved Contact Us section better mailing to our development team, etc.

v2.3 Errata

We don't as of yet have any reports. As soon as we do, we will post the issues and workaround if any here.

v2.2 Release NOTEs

• Improved iPhone X and iPhone 11 graphics

• A number of crashes we fixed.

v2.2 Errata

We don't as of yet have any reports. As soon as we do, we will post the issues and workaround if any here.

We are seeing room for improving our AI players, so we're improvin' their skillz.  ;-)  Watch for our next small update...

v2.1 Release NOTEs

 Game play adjustments: 
• Whoa some of you creative folks found that there were some cases where cards could be dragged but shouldn't have been. Yeah, we don't allow this any more  ;-)

• Fixed crash found in some player selection cases.

v2.1 Errata

More recently, we started getting crash reports.  We're working on fixes. Watch for new release.

v2.0 Release NOTEs

• All active iPhone, iPod Touch screen sizes are now supported 
• Updated 9CardGolf to allow seating a 2nd human player so we can play against one another! 
• AI Player logic was completely rewritten in order to accommodate all rule variations we now support.  They play well no matter which mix of rules are selected.  They are now strong enough that they are good examples for learning how to play the game by example. And we are not yet done.  There are finishing touches we are adding in an upcoming minor release (we're close but all the changes didn't make it in time for this release.)
• Now requires iOS 8.x OS• Each game now starts with random determination of which player starts the first hand. Players alternate starting each subsequent hand. 

• Features added in response to requests from our 9CardGolf'ers: 
• Added new rule requiring Match of 3 cards in a row or column to zero out their face value instead of 2 cards played next to each other horizontally or vertically. 
• Added a new rule which prevents players from turning over a card in their hand before replacing it with face up card from Stock or Discard piles. 
• Added a new scoring option with which the Jokers can now be -3 points vs. -2 points as they had been. 

All of these rule additions make for an interesting set of games supported by 9CardGolf.  We are learning from our community that each of these variations is quite a fun variation and that they really do cause us to have to play differently than we had before! Thank you to our community for suggesting these amazing changes!

• when a saved game is reloaded the highlights for cards that were selected while still in the midst of a turn will now be correctly re-selected so they appear as they were at the time the game was first interrupted.

v2.0 Errata

We see some crash reports for player selection. We're working on the fix.

v1.3 Release NOTEs

• Performance Enhancements, Memory footprint reduction: 
• Many objects were adjusted to use much less memory 
• Animations were cleaned up so they create fewer intermediate objects (use less memory) 
• Animations are now prevented when not adding anything visually (use less CPU, making other things run more responsively) 
• Status Scrolling is now defaulted to OFF for Single Processor devices (iPhone 4 and earlier, iPad 1, etc.) thus dramatically smoothing the card animations on these devices 
• More routines run from main loop isolating them from each other (making each easier to tune/fix and allowing each to run only if needed upon restart) 

• Repair application crash during memory low condition 
• Scrolling labels now resume scrolling when app is resumed 
• If cards were not completely dealt when game was interrupted the deal will now be completed when the game is resumed 
• If three AI cards were not turned up before game was interrupted the remaining cards will now be turned up when the game is resumed 

• NEW: 
• Now requires iOS 5.x OS 
• Application suspend/resume is now formally supported 
• New setting: “Enable Status Scrolling” which is now default OFF for single processor iDevices, and ON for dual processor iDevices 
• AI Players are now taking advantage of 2x2 scoring rule when enabled 
• State machines have been adjusted to provide better game restart 
• “Wood” main menu theme carried into navigation and toolbars and their respective buttons

v1.3 Errata

E1. “Card Highlights persist after interrupting the game and resuming..." 

When you leave the game and then return by with the game still in memory while cards are highlighted, the highlights are now bolder and do not clear when they should. 


While we are working on the fix you can leave the game, remove it from memory and then restart the game.  After the next turn the highlights will once again be correct.NOTE: if a game is restarted (Interrupted, removed from memory, then started and it continues the saved game, we simply do not restore the highlights since they don’t yet work correctly. 

E2. “in-game help and rules will sometimes appear upside-down...” NOTE: this will only be seen if you are playing with the home button to the left of the screen.  If it is to the right there are no display issues.We are working to identify the cause.  While the upside-down display is confusing, it is visual only and will not affect your game play. 


Oddly enough, you can select the same page again and it will right itself the 2nd time. (actually every other time... !?) 

E3. “scrolling text status displays disappear at memory low notification...” If a game runs into a memory low condition it may simply remove the scrolling test status bars.  Yep, this sounds just as odd to us.  We are trying to find out why ;-) 


If this happens, exit the game, remove it from memory and remove other apps you no longer need running and then restart the game.  It should resume normally.